Moroccanoil Color Complete Has Arrived

Research and  development at Moroccanoil has brought colour preservation and care to a whole new level with the new Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection.

Over the last two years there has been huge growth in demand in salons for colour treatments. Balayage and hair painting treatment requests are up approximately 30 per cent, and bleaching and toning up 17 per cent.

Using a customer satisfaction index, Moroccanoil tracked how happy clients were with the results of their colour experience in salon over the period before they returned. Through this process Moroccanoil was able to identify a gap in the market for an at-home colour treatment regimen that would keep salon customers happy with their hair in between visits with their stylists.

Taking a 360-degree approach to hair colour maintenance, Moroccanoil Color Complete targets all of the daily sources of colour degradation such as oxidation, chemical damage, mechanical damage, scalp and heat issues.

The new product is able to achieve a more holistic approach to hair colour maintenance because of two proprietary, technological breakthroughs the company has dubbed, ArganID™ and Colorlink™. The Argan ID™ is made up of positively charged micro particles that are attracted to the negatively charged fibres of split, scuffed, frayed and cracked hair fibers. The positively charged micro-particles grab onto damaged hair and infuse the argan oil deep into the cortex and repair the hair follicle.

Add to this groundbreaking technology, Colorlink™ and Moroccanoil can comfortably claim to have disrupted the status quo in hair colour maintenance. Colorlink™ creates cross links that rebuild the keratin structure while forming a protective hydrophobic shield that helps shield the cuticle and prevent haircolour washout.

After ten washes, the Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection is scientifically proven to extend colour life and vibrancy by 100 per cent!